Monday, January 29, 2007

World Domination!

So I'm a Pinky and the Brain fan gurl - I'll happily admit it. So when I found myself making a Pinky and Brain quote to Racy in an email, I had to share...

"What'd you do last night, Brain?"
"Plotted to take over the world one erotic book publisher at a time, Pinky!"
"That sounds like a good plan, Brain...SNARF!"
Alrighty geekness assured, I'm off to hit the send button on that sub I have been moaning about for the last week. It's done, its edited (Racy kindly gave me a couple of things to think about with it), there's a synopsis and blurb, now just to suck it up and hit the send button.

Anyone else second guess themselves right at that moment?


crowwoman / rhian said...

you mean kinda like the dry heaves before a show opening? Palms icey and the voices in your head are screaming "I can't believe you're going to put THAT out there for the world to see!" Nah. Me. Never.

Anne Douglas said...

Oh god, I remember that. And since I was only a first year art student, we didn't even have the BIG show, just the best 5-6 bits of the year.

I lost a lot of the love of art that year, slowly getting it back now. I have the oils, I have the canvas - I just need to clear out the big pile of laundry that never ends to get to some space on the wall to actually paint.

Till then I guess i have to stick to the photography.

crowwoman / rhian said...

Share some of your photos some time??

I'm doing the coolest photo exhibit here in November called "A Day in the Eyes of" where i'm bringing together 6 diverse photographers to spend the entire day - sunup to 11pm together - photographing where we all go spending the day together. Then the photographers will select their top ten picks representing "the day" and we'll be exhibiting in the Cultural Center downtown. Point is to emphasize everyone's unique perspectives, even when seeing the same things.

Michelle Hasker said...

I couldn't resist your Pinky and the Brain comment. Love it!

You'll do great with your submission. I doubt there is anyone who doesn't second guess themselves.