Thursday, February 01, 2007


I'm not usually one to wax lyrical over authors and their books, mainly because I read so many. I have read many that touched me, made me laugh or cry, and of course many that were in between. Many memorable, and a lot of them not - although they were a satisfactory read at the time.

I picked up a few new ebooks yesterday. Read the whole damn lot of them to - my eyes feel like someone stabbed them with a fork - and have finally found an eBook that I can safely say I will read again by the end of the month.

Denise Rossetti's Tailspin.

I read the first book of this series, Gift of the Goddess and it, too, was a wonderful read, but Tailspin, Oh my Lord! This chick gets her tongue around some vivid, vivid imagery - and I'm not talking about kinky sex here. Although the sex is hot, I won't deny it - I'm about to run off for a cold shower, wishing I had a spare tail hanging around.

There is no way you could ever call this a bare bones, leave you lots of space to fill in your own details, kind of book. No way, just none. You understand every sense, every touch - Jesus, I can feel how Mirry and Jan's feathers would feel beneath my hands as I oiled them down! And this is with me reading 1/3 of the book close to stoned needing sleep, but not being able to move from the computer screen because it was too good! See why I need to re-read this?

I am all about being able to see the images the words make in my head; experience them - hopefully I reverse that loop when I write, I'm not sure I always succeed, and it's probably at a detriment to dialogue as so much happens in my Characters heads - in Tailspin I can see, hear and almost taste Ms Rossetti story. The deep black of Jan's feathers glistening with swirls of abalone, Mirry's old gold and copper burnish...mmm mm m!

Read the Gift of the Goddess first, it will help with a few of those pesky world building things, and explain a reference or two - that's not to say that you just get dumped in the middle of somewhere with no information, just that you deserve to go from really good, to even better!

Menage lover (which you can tell I am by my writing) or not, you can't miss these books. I have had a few hit and misses from EC lately, one short so horrible I can't and don't want to remember the name of; but this, oh yes, quake in your books top selling print authors, there is a new girl in town and if she doesn't get snaffled up in a New York minute by a major house I'll bury all the batteries so my Rabbit never works again!


crowwoman / rhian said...

heyya - you wench - beating me to that book. I was gonna say - it just came out YESTERDAY!!! i did the whole googly eyes at it cuz i loved "Gift of the Goddess" and not just cuz of the name... but since i just spent my book allowance for the week, i was good. BTW Anne - i don't think i ever got around to telling you that I snatched up Persuading Jo the week it came out and thought it was outstanding. Yeah, i know i sound like i love everything all the time - i just try to avoid bashing the stuff that isn't to my taste - which ain't much, to be honest. The stuff i really love though - i'll rave like a loon about it. grin! Can't wait to be thrown into a "tailspin" as well!

crowwoman / rhian said...

AHHHHHHHhhhhhaaaaahhhhhhhh...thunk. Sound of me crashing under the pressure. Can't. Take. It. Going. To. Buy. Now. (Rescue me when my accountant hangs me up by my thumbs?)

Amanda Young said...

Thanks for the mentionof this one,Anne. I was waffling back and forth about buying it. Like you, the last couple menage books I've bought at EC haven't been the greatest, but I think I'll have to scoot over there and give this one a try.

Denise Rossetti said...


I'm overwhelmed by this review. Thank you, thank you! I can't even say I'm sorry you lost sleep - it's always been an ambition of mine to keep people way up past bed time! Lord knows, enough authors have done it to me.

And, um, no need to bury those batteries. I've had an offer from New York. I'm over the moon, but also scared outta my tiny little mind.


Anne Douglas said...

Us down under girls have gotta stick together! :) (hey, its not Cricket, the Tri Nations, or the America's Cup Kiwis and Aussies are allowed to be friendly!)

I'm beyond glad that someone has their head screwed on right in NY!

Was it by chance the fantasy series you were looking to pedal?

Elaine Cobb said...

I began Tailspin on Friday night and knew immediately it would be an all-nighter so I put it aside. I spent all day Saturday reading it - and what a read! This book isn't just about the sex. There's an involved plot and characters of great depth (and length and width).

My verdict - bloody brilliant. Will definitely be following this author's career and buying ALL her books!


Denise Rossetti said...

Hi there Anne!

A Kiwi in Florida - who'd a thunkit? I've only been to NZ once, but I was overawed and intrigued by the incredible scenery (and the nice people). I'm going back one day - or failing that, a world suspiciously like NZ is going to appear in my next book.

Speaking of which... I'm selling a new fantasy series, with a completely different setting. Not the Phoenix Rising series, I want to keep that with Ellora's Cave.


Anne Douglas said...

I got homesick; New Zealand is the setting for Tea for Three which is due out from Loose Id in Mid Year.

We definately miss the scenery, too. I spent Monday morning in Kiddos class telling them about NZ, they were most intrigued with the whole living by live volcanoes concept, but once I showed them where LOTR was filmed the "ooh thats scarey" volcanoes got left in the dust!