Monday, January 08, 2007

Authors of Erotic Romance

You may have seen a link on the side?

Well, we have moved on from just having a new release blog, to a fully fledged website.

As my husband says - that's one long assed url, honey! But it is going to be oh so worth you sliding it onto your favourites tab, or adding it to you links lists.

AOER started because a group of us newbie writers didn't want to look like dumb clucks as we waded through the mire of being published for the first time. We figured that we weren't the only ones, so we are all writing a variety of articles that are designed to let other aspiring authors in on whats coming. The web site is building, so bear with us as we put articles as they are done into their placeholder slots.

We also plan to have a weekly (or bi weekly we are seeing how we go) writing task. I provide a photo/image and post it, then we all have to write a short story (approx 500-1000wds) and post it for ya'll to read. Since we all vary in our preferred genres from historical to contemporary, paranormal to scifi, same sex to group sex, it should be an interesting group of stories. Expect anything, from a 'awwww' moment to a short, sharp, hotter than hades, sex scene.

Come visit - we have some of the hottest new authors out, there's alot of talent mixing it up in here, lots of new voices for you to find out about.

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