Monday, January 08, 2007

Books, glorious books!

I having been browsing blogs (got to love feedburner!) and spied a little section on Racy Li's blog about planning to keep a track of what she has read this year, and I thought to myself that might just be an interesting idea.

So Racy, I am shamelessly stealing your little idea, with a few twists. I enjoy a few snark blogs, and although I think I could snark with the best of them, I would rather spend my time creating manuscripts for others to snark. So I am going to simplify my snark.

There will be three lists: Books I have finished, Books I read half way through, then skipped to the last two chapters, and finally Books that were such a trainwreck that I probably finished them and wish I hadn't, and now want my money back.

Now, I'm not an author snob, you might find an author in all three piles. I will generally give a well published author a second try, although I have encountered a few I won't touch again with a barge poll.

The sad thing? This will be the first time I have actually kept a tally of books and I am really not looking forward to seeing how much a really do read.

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