Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fists and walls

Authors everywhere are going to cringe at my next statement.

I buy books at the supermarket. Yes I do, they are handy, cheap, and I can hide my book purchases amongst the long list of grocery items and hubby is none the wiser - not that he would ever stop me from buying a book anyway.

I don't buy hardback - unless, its part of a series I have been waiting an extraordinarily long time for (years not months) and I'm unwilling to wait another 6 months or more for the paperback. Sorry all authors printed only in large size hardback, they belong in the library, not on my bookshelf. I can buy 3-4 paperbacks to one hardback, plus, I just don't have that much room.

That's why I love eBooks!

Anyhoo, that wasn't what I popped on to blog about. While I was at the supermarket last Friday, I picked up Alison Brennan's Speak no Evil and Hear no Evil, and in one of the books, the good guy slams his fist through the wall.

I also received my latest installment of Blaze - yes, it's shock and horror morning isn't it. I get a monthly series romance fix. I only subscribed when I found about about Blaze not long after it started (Otherwise I got my fix via eBay and HUGE-assed boxes of used 80's & 90's Harlequins). Low and behold, the good guy in this book slams his fist into a wall in a fit of pique.

And y'all know we are doing renovations at the moment...I am leading somewhere with this, so hold on for a few seconds more.

This got me to thinking: Why is it, in movies and books, when the guy gets huffy and lashes out to beat up that poor, defenseless, can't avoid it if it wanted to wall, they NEVER HIT THE STUD?

Every freaking single time they hit the sweet-spot, straight into a cavity with a nice puff of drywall as it crumbles around their manly fist. Not a single one manages to muff it and hit the framing, dropping to the floor with a girly scream as their now well broken hand wails out in extreme pain at being subject to such male stupidity as to think punching a wall makes it all better.

You know, I think I'm going to use that in a book. I can see it now. Hero gets all frustrated, turns and punches the wall, falls into a girly screaming heap. Meanwhile our Heroine is snickering behind his bad, eyebrow raised in a 'oh you so deserved that' manner, calmly pulls out the icepack and tells him "good freaking job, and make sure you make a damn good job of patching the hole, honey".


crowwoman / rhian said...

wahoo! It's finally letting me comment! (wouldn't let me for days)
Now i can't remember what i was going to say. Dang it.

Anne Douglas said...

Yeah, I wasn't getting a feed from it for a while, too, must have been a blogger glitch because I didn't touch anything - I swear!

Please comment away now everyone!

Amanda Young said...

I buy them too. Looking at the books, even if I know I'm probably not going to find anything, is a bit of a compulsion. What can I say, I have a bit of a addiction to books. ;)