Thursday, March 01, 2007

Losing Love

The Bunco Bitches have a special honorary biotch who plays with us when we run short on bodies (there is 16 of us playing once a month every month). He and his boyfriend of 3 years went their separate ways last weekend, and he asked us for advice on how to cope with a broken heart.

This is what I told him:

Broken hearts never mend, love, but they have this wonderful ability to pick up the pieces, slap some glue over the cracks and put themselves out there to try again. Hearts are like that, they have great fortitude, and learn from mistakes. They only get bigger, which means the bit with a crack in it gets smaller.

I thought I would share my words of wisdom, because this time, I really think they make an impression.

1 comment:

Chrispy said...

They made an impression on my heart, and i couldnt begin to thank you enough! you are an awesome person!!!!