Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How do you check your favorite blogs?

Hubby was wondering at me the other night about how many blogs do I check a day. The exasperation, disbelief level was high when I told him about 12. He then went on to diss me about him thinking I was writing all the time, when in actual fact I was surfing the net and doing the modern day equivalent of gasbagging.

I was so pleased to point out this little program to him - Feedreader. It sits in my tray and beeps at me if anyone has anything interesting to say. It's tres handy!

Anyway they aren't paying me for the plug, I just thought I would check how other people deal with the daily grind of blog checking?


Racy Li said...

12 on your blog reader? Girl, I got you beat.

Try 95.

No wait, 98. (I just added 3 yesterday).

Seriously. But not all of them are updated every day and I don't read each one every day.

Hmm. Maybe that's why I've been having issues with finding time for my own blogging.

crowwoman / rhian said...

Anne - i'm scared to count. Seriously. And they keep breeding. Every time i turn aorund there's another blog i have to check every day. Ummmm - okay - several times a damn day. It's an illness, i swear.

Amanda Young said...

lol. I check the ones I like a couple of times a week. As many as I keep on my favorites list, I wouldn't get anything done otherwise. Thanks for sharing the link to feedreader. I may start using it. :)

Ember Case said...

I have ... /blush ... 224 subscriptions. Ah, damn it, 225 - I just added yours. I'm going through them right now as a matter of fact - only 2358 unread items to go!

About half of those are from News feeds though, so in my defense I'll only skim the headlines unless there's an interesting story I haven't read yet.

I don't subscribe to the paper anymore though, so I use feeds the way I used to use papers - skim through them when I have a few minutes.

I used to use Bloglines to read them, but I recently became a Google Reader convert. I'm a big fan of most things Googley >G<.

Anne Douglas said...

Holy... 225? man I just made it to 25 (went through updating all the smaller websites I don't always frequent so I can try be more efficient)

I have a hard enough job dragging my arse away as it is!

crowwoman / rhian said...

I've discovered I need to put myself on blog rations. I'm not allowed to leave my blog minimized during the work day anymore because it's too tempting to pop over and check what's going on while waiting for the computer to finish working for me. Suddenly a one second check turns into 10 minutes and one blog hop turns into ten. So i NOW get a morning before work looksee and an after dinner session. (whimper)

Emily Veinglory said...

8-9 and counting. And p.s. the new erecfeed is