Sunday, February 18, 2007 tends to get in the way

No, not in that I don't want to be here anymore suicide kinda way. More like the 'for crap sake give me a break' kinda way. I hadn't realised I hadn't blogged since Wednesday, but thems the breaks when things need to get done, they just need to get done.

I have tile! YAY! that means when they start demolition tomorrow on my bathrooms, that I have everything bar lights for the master bath all sorted - I can sit back and relax and let them get on with giving my rooms a makeover. Of course, that means I now have to go do the horrid deed of clearing out my bathroom and bedroom so they can get in and out without tripping up on dirty underwear. Tile = good. Dirty undergarments = bad.

I decided to make a change in my array of geek paraphernalia - my sister is buying my laptop from me, and I'm going to give Mac a try. I do a lot of photography stuff that I hear is much better to do on a Mac, and frankly Vista scares me. Plus, I'm succumbing to the groovy "Hi I'm a Mac." "and I'm a PC" advertising - sue me. I like my tech. Of course I might up-end that idea and get a tablet or something else cool and trendy, who knows!

Mac and Chik-fil-a - the best advertising campaigns this side of the black stump! Truly they are - cows selling chicken burgers - you have to be a bit nutty to come up with that. And the calendars - I loved last years take on history.

But until the bathrooms are finished, and I actually pony up up some revenue from my sewing (honeybkids on eBay), I'm stuck with the older than the hills (ie 3yrs old), not quite cutting it with the processing power, desk top. But it does have an ergo keyboard - a true blessing for those of us with fibro.

But now, I best get back to that bedroom, and some editing. No matter how hard I try, closing my eyes, spinning anticlockwise 4 times and repeating "please let the house work be done" with the regularity of a Tibetan monk, it still never miraculously is done when I walk back in the room.


Isabella Snow said...

I think most of us didn't blog much last week!

Anne Douglas said...

It seems a bit that way, I noticed a distinct lack of 'bleep' from my feedreader program :)

crowwoman / rhian said...

Yeah - i was feeling seriously deprived and alllllll alone in the blogworld. sniffle. I really do have to refocus on painting and not blogging - i'm getting pathetic.