Friday, February 09, 2007

More net surfing goodness

Oh my! Hell yes, Ill take a piece of that!

Look at all this other luffly Yaoi goodness!

EDIT: It seems that maybe this site has something set up to discourage piracy. All power to them I guess, I just wanted to show off a great piece of Yaoi artwork and refer back to the artist. But I understand. If a big red sign shows up rather than a scrummy night scene yaoi image, click on the picture box and hit refresh and you can see what had me drooling.

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crowwoman / rhian said...

Anne - For beautiful yaoi art i love PL Nunn's site. Some of it is uber sxtreme but it's all gorgeous illustrations rendered with exceptional artistic skill. Jet Mykles' erotic art also is drool worthy. Have links to both on my blog if you haven't seen their stuff yet.