Friday, February 09, 2007

Handyman Anne

I had planned a little mini rant about the excess, and what I felt was inappropriate usage of exclamation marks in Matthew Reilly's latest, Seven Deadly Wonders. I didn't dislike the story so much, just the damn exclamation marks! (Though who could totally hate a book where the Americans and the Europeans are the bad guys, an RNZAF pilot called Sky Monster lands a 747 on the GITMO golf course, and a 10 yr old girl, just might save the day). It definitely rollicked you along, but compared to some of his other books, this one missed its mark character wise in my oh so humble opinion. And yes goddamnit, I read action adventure - I teethed on Clive Cussler!

Instead, courtesy of a little quiz someone posted at I found some interesting little home handyman suggestions:

Organize your sex toys:






And my favourite solution:

Gives new meaning to adding spice to your love life doesn't it.

FYI - I don't recommend the pink vibe in this pic with the twisted end. Nope, despite all the supposed rave reviews, it didn't do a thing for me, beside be rather good at being waterproof.


crowwoman / rhian said...

laughing like a loon over these. The last one almost works as erotic sculpture. (What a conversation piece it would make for dinner parties.)

Amanda Young said...

ROFLMAO! Love those pics. The spice rack one is hilarious! I can just see that one sitting on the nightstand now. :)