Sunday, February 04, 2007

Suuuperbowwwwl Sunday!

Yeah, what?

Can you tell I'm a bit ho hum on the whole idea? But hubby's making his wings, he cleaned up around the tv like I asked, I've got a new book to read - so I'm happy!

Got back rather a lot later than planned from our little girls weekend away. A flat tire on the I-10 will do that for ya. Especially when the can foam stuff doesn't work, the air compressor has had the attachment stolen off it, and you have to pony up to Walmart in the middle of nowhere and hang around waiting for a new tire.

At least the woman who passed up was kind enough to point it out, it wouldn't have been pretty to have a blow out at 80-90 mph on the interstate!

Didn't get much done of the weekend to tell the truth. A few scrapbook pages, no writing done - didn't even crack open the laptop! - althoug I did get some editing done. One of my girlfriends got curious while I was off reading Matthew Rielly's latest action adventure Seven Deadly Wonders, and read of what I have so far (what I had been editing on hardcopy). I heard an outraged shriek from the other room when she got to the last word.

"WHAT! You can't just have finished it right there! Stop reading that other book and get back to writing yours! This is good, you at least need to write the end of this sex scene!...please?...just for me? know I'm going to be phoning your ass every day until you get this finished!...pretty please?"
Maybe Accidentally Were? is sounding as good as I had hoped!

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crowwoman / rhian said...

oye - Tailspin. Was that hot shit or what? Thanks for the recommendation even though i kept getting pissy while reading it because real life kept intruding. I couldn't figure out a way to read my Palm and drive, damn it. Looking forward to Accidental Were - and again - when, where, how do i lay my greedy hands on it. Must plan you know.