Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's only Tuesday? sigh...

It's been along week already. Kids do that to you when you are left in limbo worrying about them. But, at least we have some diagnosis', now we can get help. It sucks being a writer and voracious reader with a kid who has troubles reading.

On a totally different note, did you notice Denise Rossetti popped in in the post about Tailspin? Gimme a fangurl squee everybody!! Seriously, I don't recommend books to people because I always end up disappointing them (blame it on too many art house movie appreciation classes, I just get stuff others necessarily don't), so for me to wax lyrical it's got to be good.

Plus us Southern Hemisphere chicks need to stick together! Well as long as there is no Rugby, Sailing, Netball or Cricket involved.


crowwoman / rhian said...

okay - totally freaked me out - i followed a banner ad on Smart Bitches to some OTHER blog you have and shrieked - thinking i had lost you. Gone forever. SOB. (as in sniffle, not son of a....) Fortunately you got yourself unlost real quick. Whew. Pretty flowers on that other site. But THIS is my second (or is that third? or fourth?) home away from home. Trauma averted.

1. Can i put one of your pretty flash banner ads on my blog? (sorry - it's the crow in me - pretty, flashy movement - lurv it)
How do i get it? Cuz of course yer gonna say hell yeah.
2. that is so cool about Denise Rossetti stopping by! I can't tell you how much i loved Tailspin. It was beyond awesome. What a rich fabric of story weaving. Thanks for the recommend.

Anne Douglas said...

Sowwy Rhi.

When PJ was first published I was just a young, newbie little thing and hadn't thought as far as websites and blogs and all that good shit; so I hastily created this blog. (That first post was pretty funny FYI)

I had come to realise by that time that this writing lark wasn't...well...quite so much of a lark, as kinda fun to do. So I had to up the author visibilty stakes.

Along came annedouglas.com. I was planning to relocate my blog to the new site, but then I got a little help from Celia Kyle and started using wordpress rather than HTML. But then got frustrated, AND decided that while I wanted a place to rant and rave, I didn't necessarily want that to be the first thing people saw at my website - so I'm sticking to blogspot for my daily blog, and using the blog frontpage at annedouglas.com for more official stuff

Anne Douglas said...

PS...Please feel free to use the banner on my links page :), I aint going to say no to some publicity!

Everyone needs to visit over with the Smart Bitches btw, then madly refresh till my ad comes up :)