Thursday, March 08, 2007

For the first time

I'm angry with a book.

Not just 'eh, this was a waste of time', or 'good god, this was crap!' angry, I'm 'not going to buy the next book' angry. And considering that Moi is the queen of buying sequels (well, except I gave up on LKH, I'm not buying anymore of that crap, her last was a DNF for me - that whole baby angst, that wasn't - eh) this is a big deal.

I wasn't feeling the book the same way I did the first, but that was okay at that point, despite repetitive dialogue and sex that seemed the same, over and over, I still would have been okay with forking out my money for the next book.

Until the last line.

The last line killed the whole damn book for me. Dead, stick a fork in it, I'm done. Dead. I won't be reading anymore of this storyline - and this from the girl who has every single one of Lora Leigh's Bound Hearts series (not one or two, all of them). I'm not writing off the author, just this series of books.

Hi, my names Anne and I'm a serial reader...

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Oh, yeah. Been there, done that. Stuck a fork in LHK, too, but MUCH earlier on.

There's too much good stuff out there, waiting to be discovered. Move on. Move *forward*.