Saturday, March 24, 2007

Making Out is available now

I'm running a wee bit behind today. With the bathrooms finished bar the paint, we needed to get on with the last of the flooring, so I've dragged my aches and pains to the computer a lot later than I had planned!

All the links for Making Out will now take you to a fully functioning book listing at Loose Id so make sure to nip over and nab a copy!

Now me, my sore neck, my gimpy hip and aching hamstring are off to bed!


crowwoman / rhian said...

uh-oh. i may have to stop bloghop catchup to run over and buy books. I wonder - is Isa's newest ready for grabbing yet?
Ummm - good to see ya Anne...gotta RUN.

Anne Douglas said...

Isa's is out in a few more days, the 28th I think.

Which reminds me I haven't heard from her recently...

crowwoman / rhian said...

She's been a little blue over her birthday. I'm hoping hers releases tomorrow so I can buy 'em all up at one time - I noticed Sarah Black has one based on Slow Fires which I loved, and I'm hoping Sedonia's and Evangeline's are out at the same time so i can grab 'em too.