Monday, March 26, 2007

Of all the....

Monday is my 'help out in the classroom' morning at school. I get to do reading with the kids, general dogsbody stuff for the teacher and all that fun stuff.

Today wasn't so bad, there was a music display this morning that took up most of the morning - how bad is this I can't remember the bands name Calypso Sounds? eek. Anyway, all about drums, kettle drums to be more particular. All about the story of how they came to be on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago - drums and tamboo being banned because of incited violence, which eventually lead to the development of kettle drums. It was quite interesting, and I have to say with only 4 guys they made such a rich, alive sound full all sorts of melodies and rhythms. Not a bad way to start a Monday Morning.

Anyway, back to the original ...Of all the... remember me saying I get to be general dogsbody - well this mornings plebeian task was pencil sharpening. Should be an easy task for a writer such as Moi, would you not think?

I have a blister...a frickin BLISTER on my thumb. No I wasn't using a little, bitty sharpener, it was one of those industrial teacher editions that get screwed to the desk (or wall in this case). Its the devils work I'm sure, I mean the sharpener and I should be all copacetic and shit, right?

Seems not according to the 1/2 inch blister on the side of my thumb - my right thumb, on my right handed self...meh! Right on the space bar spot.

My editor, the lovely B, is keen and fired up for me to get Accidentally Were? finished (I put it aside to work on McCabes2 while I had the Making Out vibe going), but I'm seriously thinking this blister is a sign from the writing gods, muses, and computer faeries that today is not the day to blow off the wedding dress alterations and knuckle back into AC. Though, I seriously can't work up an appetite to do the alterations either. I hate alterations, and I hate wedding dress alterations for people I know. It's just too stressful.

Maybe I should just go get a mani-pedi instead?


Isabella Snow said...

Definitely go get the pedicure.

Have one for me as well.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Oh, I’d say you definitely need to do something pampering and relaxing for yourself, Anne. Screw everything else. It will all still be there when you’re ready to dive in. ;-)

(And if that school has a suggestion box I’d drop in a note suggesting they crawl into the new century by investing in a few electric pencil sharpeners! LOL)