Monday, March 05, 2007

A new week

I was hoping that the renovations on the bathrooms would be finished last week, but it looks like (since they have been gone half the day) there will be no end in sight till at least Wednesday.


I had really been hoping to be getting my life back today. Instead kiddo is home sick, the contractor has been, but gone again, and I haven't written a word on McCabes 2 today. I did manage around 4k at the end of last week, and I'm working on getting to a point where the new content merges back into part of the old. Once I'm finished I think I'll be looking at approx 40k, not to shabby all things considered, it might be more depending on where the story takes me. I also managed about 1k of the start of McCabes 3.

I'm glad I got a chance to write a short story based on Matt, Brian and Jo from Persuading Jo, it whet my appetite for knuckling down and getting the McCabe stories done.

Now if only I had a nice, new, finished bathroom to write them in!


crowwoman / rhian said...

you know that gives me mental images of you sitting on the toilet with laptop on your knees. Gee - thanks Anne.

PS - Ignore the "quota" review - the book was awesome. One of those that the characters play around in your head for weeks afterwards and make you hunger for the next tale involving them.

Anne Douglas said...

I was thinking more like relaxing in my nice new, and very deep bathtub :) - but then again, the vision of me as a beached whale is equally as disturbing, maybe i'll stay with the toilet image!