Monday, March 05, 2007

Romantic Times Review

Here's the review:

The McCabes:Persuading Jo
Anne Douglas
3 Stars

Three best friends come to terms with changes in their relationship. Character development is limited by the short word count, and there are same-sex encounters, menage-a-trois and anal sex elements. This is definitely not a story for the faint at heart.

Summary: Jo has been jealous of the close relationship her friends Matt and Brian enjoy. She knows they’re lovers, yet she can’t help but wish she was part of their loving circle. When the rules change and they begin to pursue her, will she give in to the passion and attraction that has ruled her life for so long, or will she walk away?

Reviewer: Kristi Ahlers
I'm happy to get a review, don't get me wrong, because I thought that I might not, but surely the reviewer could have done more than just make a list of the sex scenes?

Most other reviews have at least another cm of column space, was the story that lacking that there was nothing the reviewer could find to say about it? I really don't mind the criticism - I know you might think that odd, but at this point, I don't feel I have earned enough experienced writer points to feel offended, I need criticism to learn to write better - but surely there was something else the reviewer could point out? Maybe that the heroine was plus-sized? Or maybe how the characters interacted? (though maybe that falls under the limited character development).

I do notice though that this listing of the sexual elements is typical of all that particular reviewer's reviews, so maybe its more that short and sharp is her style rather than she dislikes everything she reviews. I do like the short blurb, though, it's succinct and to the point.

Though I'm happy to see my name in lights, so to speak, I'm a little disappointed; proud as punch to see my first print ad and review (and that it received 3 stars), but a little disappointed, nonetheless.

I'm still cutting them out and framing them though.


QB said...

Anne, the fact that RT reviewed an M/M book at all says something for your work.

I just added it to the "Decadent Desires" ebook wish list on my blog.

Alessia Brio said...

Kudos for getting RT to review your M/M work. Another work reviewed in this issue (Fantasies I) contained my FMM story, too. Maybe it signals a change in "policy."

Of course, the anthology got 3 stars ... so maybe we're being penalized for content.


Erotic Romance Epublisher Comparison said...

This reviewer makes an effort occasionally but for erotic romance it tends to be a shopping list and a cliche (you share "not for the faint of heart" with books by Lori Leigh and Tabke amongst others). It would be nice for a review to contain, um, a review or at least some element of analysis, opion... or thought?

Anne Douglas said...

It definitely is heartening to know that they will review mmf storylines. I wonder if they will take the jump any time soon? Though me-thinks that the full jump will take a few more years yet.

I'm glad I'm not alone in the 'not for the faint at heart' column!

I wonder what they say about the really kinky stuff?

Emily Veinglory said...

Two stars and a monosyllabic grunt? ;)