Thursday, April 05, 2007


Over on the EREC blog, someone commented about Moo Cards as an option for business cards. Now I'd been having a little fiddle with a new header for my main site since my whole kitchy idea when up in flames (mainly cause I couldn't find anything cheesy enough), so I thought why the hell not design some Moo cards as well and give them a try - after all they would work as bookmarks too!

What do you all think? At 20$ a pop, I thought it wouldn't hurt to try them once and see what they're like, from there I can experiment with finding some sexy pictures to use (you can have 100 different images on your 100 cards). I'll post a pic once they get here.

EDIT: Well, crap! I changed the colours around when I did this (if you check my main site its green on green), and I've just realised its eerily like the EREC logo I did for them. Crap! Oh well, next lot will be different!


Emily Veinglory said...

They didn't strike me as being similar. Pretty, but there could be more naked men.

Er, or maybe that's just me.

Anne Douglas said...

Naked men are in the next run :)...They might make it onto the playing cards I was looking at getting done...purely for poker of course, well girls night poker anyway.

Though since the guys made ME play with nude chick cards I should make them play with the male equivalent!