Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A new member of the family

Our new family member arrived today. She's such an itty, bitty, wee thing with black hair and dark eyes, and her name is Twinkle (for the moment).

Unfortunately she and Meaowmies have not exactly hit it off. Puss came jumping up, only to come nose to nose to this ball of fluff that barely fits in two hands, there was about 30 seconds of mutual sniffing, then everyone backed off with a hiss and a roar (and pee-eww Meaowmies, that's some bad breath!). Poor Twinkle's heart is racing a mile a freaking minute. She's got a pretty fierce growl on her though.

Now the wee thing is hunting around trying to find her siblings, while Meaowmies sit on the kitchen table, queen of her domain as she hisses between steely glares at a kitten that all of an 1/8th her size!

I'll get a picture later, after all who can't smile at a picture of a cutesy kitten (plus all those opportunity for cool kitten avatars ala:

Hopefully I can train this one not to sit on the keyboard while I'm writing?

UPDATE: I'm failing miserably on the keyboard training front, and damn, I'd forgotten how sharp kitten claws are!

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