Tuesday, May 22, 2007

From the "You couldn't make this up" files...

Brother-in-law denies earl murder

The 10th Earl of Shaftesbury was a flamboyant multi-millionaire.

A man accused of murdering the Earl of Shaftesbury has protested his innocence and appealed to the French president for justice, at the start of his trial.

earl's brother-in-law, Mohammed M'Barek, told a packed court in Nice, France, the death was an accident.

Former hostess Jamila M'Barek, 45, is accused of
paying her brother to murder her husband Anthony Ashley-Coope

Look, you can't make this up.

The Earl of freaking Shaftesbury?
SHAFTesBURY? Who was a flamboyant multi-millionaire? (Although flamboyant sounds a little code for gay and flaming). His brother-in-law Mohammed M'Barek -- good lord hit with the two times stick! First he gets it for being called Mohammed, then he has the lovely scifi, need to hack it out, vowels missing, surname.

Then, oh then comes the tried and true plot device -- the wife who gets her brother to kill her husband because he's leaving her for a ... wait for it ...
younger woman.

Good Lord!

I saw Next last friday night with a girlfriend and got a laugh at the French speaking bad guys. I get the idea that since the Russians are friendly now, the French are going to be Hollywood's reigning 'ebil terrorist dudes'. So the fact that he's appealing to the French for freedom just takes the cake for me.

I wonder If I can slap this in a proposal letter and sell it? I mean the who, the why, and the what happened is right there isn't it, I just need to slap some dialogue in between the relative plot points!

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