Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday Morning Blooper

I was checking over my myspace page this morning--I need to update for the new book cover--and I saw I had 'new invites'. They were from a couple of authors, and were basically new release info, saying my new book is avail now.

Little 'ol me thought I can do this! So I went la la la la la May 29th, ah huh ah huh, click on all the members of that friends list to add them to the invite list and pressed the button.

DOH! It sends the invite off now, there's no save draft or send on x date button. CRAP! So 145 odd people are going to get a myspace invite from me this morning thats going to be verra'confusing!

Oh well, guess I just gave them advance warning :) ROFL!

EDIT: The LI authors are chatting at LoveRomancesCafe today - seems my technological skills have taken the day off--I can't seem to get a post to go right there, either!! One has no images, One has images and no text, the other has images, and some text (who know where the rest went!) grrr!

I think today might have just morphed into 'forget the computer, just go do the housework day'.


Monyee' Watson said...

Do you have a specific release dat foR T43? I am anxiously waiting. Will there be a book 3 for JO and her men?

Anne Douglas said...

May 29th is the slated release day, but sometimes things happen so cross fingers :)

As for Jo and her men, they have their part to play in McCabes2, although the story is about Brian's older brother David. So at this stage they don't have another story, but who knows in the future!