Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Your Web Presence...

The internet is BIG, it's here to stay, and if you don't have a web presence there are lots of readers, just like me, frustrated that they can't find out more about you, your book, or the world you wrote your book in.

When I started out (about this time last year) I used frontpage and the tried and true html system that I use in my eBay selling templates. Nothing wrong with that of course, but it does mean having to alter a page with new content, then load it up over and over again. Celia Kyle (goodness knows how we ran into each other now) helped me with getting wordpress up and running, and well, I've been tinkering ever since.

She sent me this email yesterday:

I'm starting a site (www.literalseduction.com) that offers a free subdomain (www.yourname.literalseduction.com ) and hosting to new/newly published authors of erotica/erotic romance. When I first started working on creating a web presence (for free), I was baffled at all of the different options and quickly found that none of them truly offered everything I needed. Some don't allow adult content, some are temperamental as all get out(blogger), and some have blinking ads (myspace). I'm offering newbie authors a chance to have a site without all of the inconvenience the other free options offer. My only requirement is that they link back to the LS homepage within the footer of each page and place a small banner in the sidebar of their blog. I will assist with setup and installation of wordpress and tweak templates to the best of my abilities. I'm also offering to help those people that may own a site already, but would like some assistance in setting it up.

Everything I'm offering is free. Promise! I wish someone else had been around to help me when I first got started and I believe that every aspiring author/new author should have a web presence that conveys a little piece of them. It's their virtual business card! LOL

Paz Edwards Books
Selena Aillyria
Simply Simone
So, Celia, consider this your advert :)

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Celia Kyle said...

You're the BEST Anne!

No one but my little group of webby friends has taken me up on the offer quite yet, but hopefully this will open a few doors.

I HATE searching for an author and finding that they don't have a site. Worse yet, they have a site I can't manage to navigate.

I never thought giving something away for free would be this darn difficult. LMAO