Saturday, June 02, 2007

Eye Candy

It's a rainy dreary day in Florida as we have a tropical storm make it's way over the peninsular, so I thought I'd liven the day up a little with some eye candy:

Theres a story that goes with all those tats, but what caught my attention was the tail. A freaking tail! And what a fine fine tail it is at that!

If I ever get a NY cover, THIS is the guy I want on it. There's no other way to say it, he's fucking HAWT! He says 'I'm Bad, I'm Mean', but he's got a little curve to his lips that say 'and I'll take you on the sweetest ride of your life, baby'.

And if like me you want some more wet weather eye candy, head to here.

1 comment:

danetteb said...

Yummy on the tail and Marco,thank you Anne*g*
Hugs, Danette