Sunday, June 17, 2007

First Review for Tea for Three

I've been waiting the first review with baited breath, obsessively plugging "Tea for Three" into Google and not having a lot of success (other than finding out that there is a play of the same name, a episode of Only Fools and Horses, and a movie (which I might just have to try find a copy of judging by the synopsis).

So, for Just Erotic Romance Reviews (JERR):

Reviewer: Marcy Arbitman
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Heat level: O

Craig and Jack live a happy, loving and sexually fulfilling life. Suddenly, Craig begins to feel uneasy; although he loves Jack dearly, Craig sometimes misses the touch of a woman. Jack knows that something is bothering Craig and begins to worry that he will lose the only person he has ever loved. Into their lives limps Wren. She was crippled by the drunk driving accident that killed her mother when she was fifteen. Wren is larger than usual and she knows that no man will ever love her. Is it possible for her to believe that two men could love her?

Tea For Three is a wonderful new novel by Anne Douglas. A relatively new author, Ms. Douglas has a wonderful grasp on her craft. Craig, Jack and Wren are real people with real life strengths and foibles; I easily felt that they could be neighbors of mine. The three of them were hard working people who were written to reflect the seriousness of loving relationships. Throughout the book, I felt attached to them, happy with and for them and sad when they were sad. The plot seamlessly flowed from beginning to end without a single bump in the path. Craig and Jack were interested in bringing Wren into their household as part of their family, with even the possibility of having children at some point. Wren was a virgin; Jack and Craig inducted her into a fabulous loving sex life with grace and extremely erotic behavior. This book is not for anyone who objects to specific m/f/m ménage; the sex was unbelievably orgasmic.. Ms. Douglas pulled me right into their bed; I was desperate for some sexual activity when I finished the book. I truly enjoyed Ms. Douglas' Tea For Three!

Phew, I'll admit, the lack of reviews (after all this is the eWorld, these things do usually happen quite quickly) had me feeling, not worried, but maybe a little apprehensive, so this review has made my day.

Maybe I should send Ms Arbitman a new pack of batteries?


Lucy Felthouse said...

I haven't forgotten, you're definitely on my 'to review' list, I'm reading as quickly as I can ;) Will keep you posted, looking forward to reading it! Though I'm sure batteries wouldn't go amiss! LOL.

Anonymous said...

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