Sunday, June 17, 2007

Monday Poetry

Pleasant Day

Breeze through my window
Scents of salt and water ride on air
The fresh breath dries sticky skin
As cotton puffs loaded with tears race across the sky
Yellow streams pierce through gray
Birds fly on wishes way up high
Beautiful, a day to enjoy


Lisa Andel said...

Oh, I like this image:
As cotton puffs loaded with tears race across the sky

(Then I get the picture of the sky "weeping" when it rains)


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Anne, that's awesome. I can feel this; I'm there.

So long as I don't go outside, into the stew we've got today. Yick.

I think I'll hang out in your world today, instead.

Anna J. Evans said...

Me too susan, I like this world created in this poem...sigh. Here is sticky as well, yuchk,

Great poem, Anne!

anna j evans

Anne Douglas said...

Usually by this time of year it's unbearably sticky and humid, but for some reason (and I know I'm going to jinx it) it's been hot, but not so much on the humidity this year.

Sparky Duck said...

very very vivid

Joy Renee said...

i can smell the ocean breeze and hear the seagulls crying. i want to be there.

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

simply beautiful Anne. i love "birds fly on wishes" and "cotton puffs loaded with tears"

T.A.Chase said...


Wonderful imagery. :)