Monday, June 11, 2007

No 2nd line for me

Bummer. No chance to show off my kick arse 2nd line in the Samhain blog contest, but I will be rooting for a couple of folks who I see did make it.

If anyone's curious, here's how the first few paragraphs go:

“Kiss me.”
Shane turned so fast from the kitchen bench that he slipped on the tile floor and landed hard on his ass. He short trip left him sitting on the floor, looking up at his best friend -- his very straight best friend -- and damn close to hyperventilating. “What did you say?” He really must have been tuned out; Shane would swear he had just heard Jason ask him to kiss him.
“Kiss me.” Jason shrugged and reached out a hand, easily pulling Shane upright with one tug. “Actually I want you to do more than just kiss me, but I thought a kiss would be a good place to start.”
Shane opened his mouth to question Jason again but couldn’t decide on what to say, so shut it again with a snap. Taking a seat at the kitchen table he tried to start again, and failed.
“Nice fish impression, Shane.” The big lug looked back at him with a shit eating grin. “Wow…I think this is the first time I have ever managed to render you speechless.”

I really must get around to polishing this story off -- it might make a good Exotica submission to EC as it's really more erotica than romance.

So many ideas, and not enough time to get them written. I swear, the day they we can get microchips embedded so I can just think it and voila! it's there, I'm so going to be first in line.


Miss Frou Frou said...

ooh.. I want to read this story... a lot! And you can climb over me, the heffalump for the microchip!

Jeanne Laws said...

This sounds great, Anne! (I would have picked you to move to the second round.) :-)


Rhian / Crowwoman said...

Anne - babe -we got the contract!! (happy dance convulsions) Send me your email so we can get logo design rockin!