Sunday, July 08, 2007

Blogging at AOER

My turn to blog at AOER today!

Here's the article:

When is Real too Real?

I’d worked, then reworked, a manuscript recently that deals with the topic of domestic abuse. Part of my reworking, partly in effort to give the ms ‘more’ and also to highlight the heroines journey, is a graphically violent first scene. It isn’t a long scene, all things considered, but even hubby commented that it was pretty graphic. It’s the only violent scene in the book, but the heroine of the story does, to be short and sweet, get the crap kicked out of her (not by the hero I might add).

Obviously there’s a reason this is at the forefront of my mind — because the sub was turned down. I don’t have a problem with that (well, I do care, of course. It’s my baby), the publisher or the editor, let me make that clear, they have to make the best decisions for their business. But it set me wondering about violence in romance.

When is real too real?

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Delia Carnell said...

I don't know, Anne. It seems like an uplifting story about a woman who escapes abuse and succeeds would be badly needed in this world. I don't understand it either, but keep submitting it other places. Somebody will think it's important.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Red Garnier said...

I'm sure your book will come out marvelously, Anne. I DEVOURED TEA FOR THREE! What an awesome book!!!

Anne Douglas said...

Thank you Red!

I'll wait and see what my editor wants me to do, and figure it out from there.

Lisa Andel said...

Personally, I read to escape from the realities of life that I have to face every day. It gives my brain and emotions a vacation that's a whole lot healthier than drinking a fifth of scotch :D

Outside of that, I couldn't tell you.

Anne Douglas said...

I do much the same Lisa -- scotch and I don't agree with each other, lol, so a glass of wine and a book it is. Though I'll say I do often like darker books that take a journey, because they make my worries look all light and fluffy.

I've just got to sit down and figure out what I'm going to do with this ms, it's not a stand alone story (or at least it wasn't written as one) so I've got to make a sacrifice one way or another. Kind of weird considering I'm one of the first to put my hand up to say that this is all about business, yet here I am dithering about changing something because I think a certain aspect of the story is important.