Monday, July 09, 2007

It's getting hot in here

Lol, how's that for a tacky title?

Well Sven got me working (can I borrow him to get me to the actual gym?) and as you can see from the slot in the sidebar I got 1555 done.
I was naughty though and made my first day today, not yesterday. After the rejection letter, I just didn't have the heart to sit a write late into the night last night - though if you count blogging, I probably did the required word count :). But as you can see, I didn't let the big red R get me down, I'm back on my game again.

Oh, and the new keyboards arrived, YAY! I'm with keyboard again. I actually took back the $50 one from the store and got 3 keyboards for the same price from Newegg. There was a delay in the postage of course, so my fibro is playing up a tad from 5 days on the laptop, so I'm off to ice down my wrists. I'm just glad I don't write old school, I'd been in freaking agony after a page.


Tempest Knight said...

Yayy on getting your new keyboard! Now burn those keys... Type, type, type away... *g*

Sparky Duck said...

sven sven and more sven, blah blah blah

Anne Douglas said...

Point taken, Sparky, he is a popular guy around romanceland at the moment, isn't he.