Thursday, July 12, 2007

Any suggestions?

I'm one of these folks that find music makes anything better -- chocolate, alcohol, sex ... writing sex rofl! I've a reasonably wide range of taste for music, the only thing I don't really get into the the hard rock where some guy screams shit at a microphone that I have no hope in hell of understanding. But recently, rather than just having my usual plethora of new music playing in the background, I've moved onto New Age /instrumentals/ voice instrumentals (don't know if this has an official name but the type of music like Enya, where the sometimes the voice is really an instrument all on its on i.e. the words are not always readily distinguishable.) I seem to be able to concentrate better in general, it helps the words flow, rather than being more staccato -- though I change sounds when I get to a scene that needs that top of the pops hip hop dance feel to it.

So, I've been listening to Clannad (don't know if many Americans know of them), an artist called Kitaro (just found his website looking for a link, going to have to download some other albums, I think), Ambient Music Therapy, and I've just downloaded a new compilation album this morning that I've not listened to yet (it's on the list, Enya's got to finish playing first.)

Anyone got any other suggestions for instrumentals designed not to send you to sleep, but be uplifting or energizing?

I must try find a music player for blogger so I can play one for you.


WickedBlog said...

This might sound strange but I find writing to techno or electronic music works very well... it has a regular rhythm that's especially helpful for sex stories... :) Try Tatu. They're great.

Anne Douglas said...

That's a good suggestion, Wicked. It's the fact I want to sing along that gets to me, techno or electronic instrumentals would work well for tempo, but not distraction.

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

if you like native american flute music Naki is pretty dang awesome. I also like to listen to Billie Holiday and jazz instrumentals when i'm painting. Enya is a great one ot paint ot as well. Peversely, I can't tolerate any noise at all when i'm writing.