Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Snippit

A little something from what I've been working on finishing while doing the 70 Days of Sweat. I posted the first paragraph of this a while back (I'd put the first line up in the Samhain firstline comp), but I've polished it up a bit since. Though a little spicy humor would be a good way to start a Sunday.

“Kiss me.”

Shane turned so fast from the kitchen bench that he slipped on the tile floor and landed hard on his ass. His short trip left him sitting on the floor, looking up at his best friend -- his very straight best friend -- and damn close to hyperventilating. “What did you say?” He really must have been tuned out; Shane would swear he had just heard Jason ask him to kiss him.

“Kiss me.” Jason shrugged and reached out a hand, easily pulling Shane upright with one tug. “Actually I want you to do more than just kiss me, but I thought a kiss would be a good place to start.”

Shane opened his mouth to question Jason again but couldn’t decide on what to say, so shut it again with a snap. Taking a seat at the kitchen table he tried to start again, and failed.

“Nice fish impression, Shane.” Jason wore his best shit eating grin. “Wow ... I think this is the first time I’ve ever managed to render you speechless.”

“Well, you smug bastard, it’s not everyday your straight best mate comes up to you and asks you to pucker up. What the hell’s up with that?” The question was followed up with Shane’s signature sarcastically cocked brow, but dropped back with concern as his friend collapsed back on himself a little with a sigh.

“Okay, here’s the deal …” Jason’s voice drifted off a little, and Shane watched silently as Jason tried to work his way around what he was trying to say. “You’ve always been up front with me that you’re gay -- and I don’t care one way or the other if you’re gay, straight, or like to get it on with purple dinosaurs -- but lately I’ve been having second thoughts on the strictly straight deal.”

“Are you trying to tell me you’re gay?” Shane didn’t believe it for a moment; curious maybe; but gay? No way.

“No … but maybe a bit bisexual though.” Shane got caught up in Jason’s eyes as his look pleaded with him to understand; as if Shane might think he was a freak.

“A bit bisexual? I hate to tell you this, Jase, but you either like to get your groove on with guys as well as girls, or you don’t.”

Jason frowned at this statement. “I know that, you idiot, why do you think I wanted you to kiss me?” He rubbed away the frown with his fingertips, but the confusion was still there when he looked up again. “I need to know if a guy does it for me, or not.”

Moving to his feet again, Shane turned back to the bench to clear up the mess he had made -- he needed some space to think for a minute. “Okay, spit it out, Jason. I feel like I’ve walked into a conversation half way through -- what’s the deal?”

The heavy sigh from behind him spoke volumes about how twisted up inside Jason was, even if he had been joking a moment before. “Alright, can we grab a beer and sit on the couch? This might take a while.”

“Sure. Grab a bag of chips will’ya, I’ll grab some beer.” Drying his hands Shane headed towards the fridge. Opening the door he grabbed out a six pack. Hell, grab two. He had a funny feeling tonight might be more than a one beer night.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

VERY good way to start a Sunday. I want to know what Jason learns from all this!

Anne Douglas said...

Well right at THIS moment (as I take a break for a sec to reply), he's learning that he rather likes the idea of watching his lovely Lucy help Shane get rid of that pesky virginity of his (well, virginity with a female that is, since he's fucked more than his fair share of men). And Shane's just finding out that male or female being a good lover crosses the divide -- even if a soft, curvy, female body feels a bit ... well, weird :)

Next up will be Shane giving Lucy a lesson on how to turn Jason into a quivering heap of satisfied manflesh ...

Yeah, this story is firmly in the erotica category me thinks :D

Miss Frou Frou said...

Oh, I liked when you posted some of this before.. am intrigued to read the finished product... funny but hot... just my idea of bedtime reading!

Celia Kyle said...

Okay lady...where's the rest?! And what's this one titled? And when will it be available? Do you need a beta reader? I could help you find one...somewhere. ;)

Ann said...

Definitely. This will be titled? And will come out when? Procrastinating minds want to know *g*.

Anne Douglas said...

This is tentatively titled Friends with Benefits - as for when it comes out, well let me get it written and sold first :)