Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sweat! ... err ... maybe a little glow perhaps?

Can't say I've been going great guns on the Sweat Challenge this week, but it is only Wednesday, I've got a few days to catch up. Been spending a bit of time reading this week instead, but today is get 1k done, get the kitchen cleaned up/out so when the plumber arrives after 12 he can install a new waste disposal (turns out I don't have one of the easy, twist and click ones I could replace myself, the whole damn thing needs to come out and probably be replumbed to boot) -- meh, actually having money's over rated anyway.

I sold an outfit yesterday, which is great, but it now means I have to get on with making another to take its place. Somehow I've ended up with 'hobbies' (they're jobs, but not quite) that require me to sit on my arse all day, inside. Not great for the great ever widening expanse, but I have to admit, when it's the middle of a hot, muggy Floridan summer, it's not so bad (except for the expanding arse problem!).

Been doing some design work for a certain persons marketing company -- I've got 2nd drafts to get finished today too. That has definitely been fun/torturous ... and yet another thing to keep me glued to my chair rofl!

Well, best be off -- the black hole under my sink won't empty itself, and it seems the dust bunnies have been most uncooperative and have gone on strike again.


tommiea said...

love the outfit you had listed....I live in TX and it personifies foofoo dresses at kid's parties! I will have to keep an eye out for a size little girl turns 3 in Oct and we are going to have a great foofoo party!

Emily Veinglory said...

Time to nail the laptop to the treadmill? LOL. A hyperactive dog with a bladder the size of a walnut and a white carpet are my method for exercising between chapters.

Gina, Book Dragon said...

I love the outfit! Where were you when my daughter was that small?