Saturday, July 21, 2007

Someone please tell me Harry dies

Am I the only one in the whole world who is sick to death of Harry this, Harry that, Potter me this way, Hermione me that way?

I'll confess ...

I have not read one single Harry Potter book. Not a word.

Watched a movie or two though and figured that if they were half as good as the books they would be a good read, but the marketing hype ... too OTT for me.

I'd decided long ago that if I were to read the series I'd do it once it was finished. Maybe wait till kiddo was old enough that we could read it together (I know I could read it to him, but I'd rather foster his reading to be perfectly honest).

Beatlemania ... pshaw! Pottermania has well surpassed that phenomenon, and it's driving me totally insane!


Emily Veinglory said...

I tried to read the firsp Potter book but found it far too dull. Oh well. It can't last forever (can it?)

Anonymous said...

I think your a LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE... I reckon you were given a book once and that you read it...

he he!! : )

Anne Douglas said...

Ahhh ... it's nice to see my family read my blog!

Anon, is quite right - I was given a Harry Potter book for Christmas once. It was back when there were only three and my mother gave one each to us three girls, with the idea we'd swap them amongst ourselves. Being the good sister that I am, I loaned the sister who wanted to read them right away my book (the first book I think, being that I'm eldest). She took quite a while to read them, and I LEFT THE COUNTRY and never got my turn!

Sisters! sheesh


Gina, Book Dragon said...

Well, if you reeeally want to know....

Don't read any farther if you want to actually read Harry Potter.

sigh, lots of people die in this book (it is supposed to be the last). Some I didn't expect to feel bad about.

No, Harry doesn't die. None of the three do. It all ends in a HUGE battle of good guys vs. evil/bad guys. The last chapter is "Nineteen Years Later" so IF there is anymore, they can only fill in the missing years or carry on from where she left us. It was a nice and satisfying ending but I am ready to move on to something else.

Lena said...

My sentiments exactly!
On the other hand, I tend to avoid lots of things that are freakishly popular - Dan Brown and the Ring trilogy come to mind. I suppose it's the whole Sheep thing that scares me, so I take every precaution not to follow the herd.

On another matter, I really enjoy your writing. It was really nice to find your blog and realize that even great writers have blocks and such.