Sunday, July 22, 2007

Synopsis, the pansters worst nightmare

I've been working on Friends with Benefits to start off the Sweat70. I'd always intended it to be short, so I finished it up, and I've spent the weekend going over it, editing, polishing, then writing the dreaded synopsis.

No "Hey Ed, I've got this great story, its about this, and that, and they do this while doing that, wanna take a read?" this time around. I'm sending it somewhere new. So that means cover letters, full synopsis etc etc.

Do you know how hard it is to write a synopsis when you totally pantsed the whole manuscript? Crap (amongst other bad words) was heard quite a bit around our house yesterday. I've never quite known if what I'm doing is right when it comes to a synopsis. Am I not being exact enough, do I need to be more blow-by-blow, am I being too blow-by-blow? It's as confusing as hell because everyone has a different opinion on it -- who's advice do you take?

Hopefully I've been doing something right -- after all I've managed to sell 3 books thus far -- surely someone would have said your synopsis suck arse by now ... wouldn't they?

So it's done, the emails sent, and tomorrow I have to start on something new for the Sweat70 while I wait, chewing my non-existent nails till I hear back on the new sub. Wish me luck!


Miss Frou Frou said...

good luck, Anne - I'm sure you'll do fine...

I've tagged you for a Moaning Meme too!

Celia Kyle said...

You aren't lying! I loathe writing a synopsis. Loathe it! I KNOW what happened in my story, but getting it summed up in three itty bitty pages is hard! LOL

Good Luck with your sub Anne!