Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Poetry

No, I've not jumped off the train, but I've been busy editing and synopsising and all that good stuff. So I'm flaking out of poetry today and posting an excerpt - remember, it's unedited and all that jazz :

Friends with Benefits (c) Anne Douglas 2007

Shane didn’t say anything but Jason could feel his stare, and it positively burned. When Jason opened his eyes he was greeted with a hot and heavy, intent look as Shane waited for the rest of the story. Shane had always been quite the voyeur when it came to Jason and Lucy. He was always keen to know of the latest exploit. Jason had wondered for a while now, if just like he, Shane was a little curious about ‘the other side’. After all, just because you batted for one team, didn’t mean you couldn’t appreciate how your opponent played the game.

“So how did it play out?” Shane’s long fingers absently fiddled with the label on the beer bottle, eyes fixed on Jason’s mouth as he spoke.

“Pretty much our usual style foreplay, but in reverse. Eventually she turned me on my belly with a pillow under my hips ...” Jason’s memories along with a last gasp of cool air from the makeshift air conditioner made a shiver run over his skin; his nipples puckered and pulled taut and his cock swelled. “ ... shit ... she was so gentle, but relentless. Every time I was about to say enough she drew back and went slower, I swear after thirty minutes I was about ready for her to thrust her fist up there, if only she’d just let me come.”

Lost in his memories, Jason blindly stared at the ceiling not seeing the patchy paint, the oppressive heat forgotten, as he played the well worn movie over again in his head.

“It felt like she kept me on edge for hours with foreplay; I was all blurry around the edges by the time she actually started with the dildo. She just used her hand, not the harness. She moved around to my side so she could use one hand to guide and thrust the dildo in and out, and the other she smoothed tickling little touches over my shoulders, then under to pinch at my nipples. She could reach me to kiss me from there, too; she played me like a fucking violin! I came like a bloody freight train.”

Movement out of the corner of his eye brought his attention back to the living room. Shane’s empty bottle had fallen to the side, forgotten as he stroked his cock beneath the loose fabric of his shorts. His head lay back on the cushions but his hooded eyes watched Jason, his gaze so heated Jason half expected to find himself with a severe case of sunburn.

**Image is NOT of this story, but of a video cover that describes the situation - rather well IMO


Rhian / Crowwoman said...

Oh! Oh! Damn Anne! That was scorching! I'm dying here - want to read the rest of it!!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Wow, Anne. What'd she do next -- and where do the boys end up???

T.A.Chase said...

I'm with the rest. What happened next? Great excerpt, Anne.

Anonymous said...

Friends with benefits?
I've not heard that phrase before.
Does it mean what I think it does?

Anne Douglas said...

I'll leave what happens next up to your imaginations :)

Rhet - yes I wanted to call the story Fuck Buddies, which is a little more succinct, but Friends with benefits is a little more censor friendly. Though I've just found out the Pub I want to sent it to already has a book by that name so I'm going to ahve to go back to the table and think on a new name.

Gina, Book Dragon said...

Can't you change Publishers? Or, well, never mind, just give us more! Where did it go next? When is it coming out? ahhhh! You're as big a tease as TA is (and yes, it is a good thing).

Red Garnier said...

This is HAWTER, lol!! Wow, just love this!!! And yes, do tell...when this is out, I am buying!! =)

Emily Veinglory said...

Yay pegging!

julia said...

Tried to check this out at work but had to wait till I got home. Great picture and it was perfect for the excerpt. Very temperature spiking!