Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday Poetry

One last time I run my fingers over the dimples on your face
I trace along the mark of your tattoo
With fondness I recall the long hours
Of graceful submission you gave me

Your skin gave my thoughts life
Subtle persuasion brought forth wonder
Sweet, sweet music we made together
Through late night, and lazy days

I shed a tear at your destruction
I weep as you flail, synapses gone awry
Black plastic now wraps you, my dearest
As I surrender you to oblivion

A new love I will seek
And begin a new song, a new flight of fancy
No rope shall hold her as she bends to my will
Yet tightly she is bound to me

Please forgive my fits of pique when I abused you
You cosseted me so
I shall never forget the trust between us
Yet, I set you aside. Forgive me.

-- An ode to my Keyboard

Last night Chicken (our kitten) came along, stuck her head in my water glass and got stuck. In her rush to extract herself she knocked over the glass of water, some of which splashed on my cheapy 29$ ergonomic keyboard that was so damn comfortable to write on (I'm a fibro sufferer, ergo keyboards are godly). Of course, this keyboard is no longer available :(

I guess I'm going shopping, huh?


Red Garnier said...

Anne, I love this ode to your keyboard. I should make one for mine, lol! =)

Red Garnier said...

OMG, and congrats on YOUR Recommended Read, Anne!! I am reading TEA FOR THREE this weekend! =)

Dewey said...

I am a fibro sufferer too, but I fortunately have very few hands or wrists problems. Still, typing can really do a number on elbows and even shoulders!

The poem made me laugh. I wrote a sexy poem once to my computer in college. When it came time to read it aloud to my poetry class, I asked someone much more flamboyant and dramatic than I can be to read it, and it got a good laugh!

T.A.Chase said...

Very touching ode to your keyboard, Anne. It's spent many hours helping you create all your marvelous stories. I'm sure your new one will help keep the success going. :)

congrats on your RR from FAR as well.

julia said...

"I shed a tear at your destruction
I weep as you flail, synapses gone awry
Black plastic now wraps you, my dearest
As I surrender you to oblivion"

This is great. I was relieved to discover the poem is about your keyboard. Hard to say goodbye to something that was part of your creative process.

Michelle Cary said...

That sucks about your keyboard. I hope you find another just as comfy. I had one of those kind of keyboards before I got my laptop. Best damn keyboard I ever had.

Anna J. Evans said...

Poor keyboard! Awesome poem :). And congrats on the RR!

Anna J. Evans

Ann said...

Great poem, sorry to hear about your keyboard. Hope you find another one that is equally comfy.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

That's just great, Anne.

Well, the poem, that is. It's fun and lively and it flows.

As for the destruction... I wish I could help somehow. Cats... great companions. Lousy with a water glass (one of my cats used to knock my glasses over just to watch the water run out).

Lisa Andel said...

I had to go back and read it, after you said it was about your keyboard.


Sparky Duck said...

well hell I did not see that one coming

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

fabulous Anne! and i can completely relate. The perfect keyboard is "key" to harmony in one's life. My laptop keyboard drives me bonkers because it lacks the perfection of my desktop keyboard and has interrupted my flow countless times with its imperfect structure.

Anne Douglas said...

When I was writing it I was thinking ' everyones going to think I'm some weird axe murderer, or maybe a gal with a plastic fetish' :)

Glad everyone liked it :0) It made me smile as I was writing it.

Tempest Knight said...

*LOL* I'm still using one of those cheap keyboards, which I bought together with my 'puter 7 years ago. Maybe it's time to change mine. Hmm.... but first I want to change the mouse.