Sunday, July 01, 2007

T43 gets a recommended read!

Fallen Angel Reviews

Tea for Three is an amazingly erotic love story. Both Jack and Craig are embodiments of dream men; they are passionate about each other, while remaining Alpha men. Wren is a picture of a woman most of us could identify with at one time or another in our lives, with her insecurities firmly controlled in her professional life while permeating her personal life. The relationship between Jack, Craig and Wren is one of equals, where the love stretches to encompass all of them; the new relationship maintains the unique elements that you would expect in a gay relationship while incorporating the changes adding a woman to the mix brings.

The passion between the characters is scorching and you can’t help but feel as part of it when you are reading and it grows at a pace that matches the closeness and the love that you experience through Jack, Craig and Wren.
Anne Douglas created a wonderful ménage story that you can’t pass up if you like m/m/f romances. Tea for Three blended all the things that make a ménage story good; there was plenty of interaction between Jack and Craig by themselves mixed along with their moments with Wren.

Tea for Three
is an incredi
ble read and I recommend that you add it to your collection today!

Reviewed by: Isabella

and hopefully I'm not treading on toes posting this, but it's lovely review from eCatanetwork Sensual (no link yet as they are doing site updates):

Reviewer: Kimberley Spinney
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Tea for Three is yet another excellent work by Anne Douglas. There is a wonderful depth of emotion that combines with the sensual to make this a must read. Her characters evoke emotion that will draw any reader in and keep them reading until the very last sentence.

Craig and Jack are in love with each other and have never needed anyone else in their life. But when Craig turns thirty he starts to feel like he may be missing something. He wants children and the white picket fence but he also wants Jack. Jack isn’t sure what Craig is feeling or why he isn’t enough anymore. When they meet Wren, with her charm, genuine sweetness, and the pain she can’t hide, they both realize they have found what they are looking for. Jack finally understands what Craig was searching for and has found with Wren. He wants it too. Now they have to find a way to get Wren to go along with them.

Tea for Three is a must read for anyone who is a lover of romance where the road to happily-ever-after is not easy. This is a perfect example of what love in the real world is like but with the extra sensuality and spice that makes it truly erotic. Anne Douglas is a master at her craft and a definite must read.

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Coffeetime Romance:
Rating: 5 cups

Jack and Craig are life partners. Jack knows something is bothering Craig. Craig wants it all, Jack, children, dog and maybe a cat. But how can that happen with Jack?

Enter Wren into the picture, a lovely woman who is in need of someone to love her. Could Wren be the solution to Craig’s dream, or will Jack not be willing to share?

Sometimes you cannot help but want more out of life even when you think you have it all, something or someone comes up and shows you just what you are missing. Tea For Three is just that. Jack, Craig and Wren try to make a go of being the perfect trio, equal in all ways, as friends, lovers, and partners. Can they make it last?

Anne Douglas created a masterpiece when she wrote Tea For Three. Two sexy guys with a woman made for them. Brilliant! Having a plus size woman in this story makes the book have a real-life feel. The sex is hot and demanding with just the right amount of passion to leave the reader wanting more. The reader can relate to the characters because they are not perfect, they make mistakes and feel uncertain at times. Tea For Three is a great way to spend the day. This book is definitely a keeper, readers should make time to have Tea For Three!!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance