Saturday, June 30, 2007


I finished Jacquelyn Frank's Jacob yesterday, and Gideon today, and as I sat down to eat the big bacon and egg breakfast hubby had cooked, a question popped into my brain:

Do Demons actually eat? Now the story says they drink milk (hehe, I had a giggle at that, imaging someone milking a giraffe - I mean come on, can you imagine it, you'd have to use a stepladder!) and the more rare the animals milk, the more potent is is for them, like alcohol to humans, but other than one reference that stuck out to me glaringly (well one scene, it was referenced twice) I can't for the life of me remember any of the characters in either book actually sitting down and eating food.

Does that strike anyone else as oddly as is does me?

They were great books, by the way. I'm not dissing them. This was just one of those random thoughts that came along that left me scratching my head and going WTF, mate?

Anyone had any weird and wonderful thoughts about books they've read -- maybe something that stood out and made you blink that it was missing, or something included in a story that made you go "Oh Really!?"

Another oddity: Where on earth did my son get the term "Oh. My. God! We've hit the motherload here!". Most recently used on our trip to target when we came upon the dessert section. He's seven, and has a speech impediment thats slowly dissipating as he ages, but he says this clearer than the bells of Notre Dame on a Sunday morning!

I wont even go there about this mornings hue and cry over adult male appendages. Apparently my son's not ever, ever going to get hairy there! Cause thats just eeeeewww!

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