Friday, September 07, 2007

Apple, you've let me down.

You won't catch me with anything but an iPod, I changed from pc to Mac when I updated my laptop, and I eyed the iPhone with lust, though my bank account firmly said NO! (plus we're not with AT&T). So when I saw that Apple was releasing the iTouch - just like an iPhone with no phone - I thought to myself "A HA! That's why they didn't put an eBook app in the Phone, they're going to cover the PDA market and make a run at the Iliad and the Panasonic".

Eagerly I hit, scanning the features and requirements only to exclaim aloud "What the Fuck? No eBook App?". Music, check; Video, check; browser, check; eBook reader, big fat cross.

Steve Jobs, you and Apple are beginning to shake my faith in your ability to see into the future.

Had an eBook app, with all the lovely pinch screen technology, been on the iTouch, I would have given kiddo the nano, and been at the store, card in hand, slavering with the masses on release day. But now? No so much. It does look pretty though.

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