Sunday, September 02, 2007

It's been one of those weeks.

I've been bad and not updated, but fact is, I was feeling pretty crappy about a number of things and would only have brought y'all down. But today is the start of a new week, so here's wishing for it to be a bit more upbeat.

I've been plugging along on RSCF's expansion. I think I've come up with a workable solution to my do they/don't they dilemma. Shock and awe is great, and I was thinking the 'OMG what did we do' morning after might be the thing, but somehow that's not what I wrote, lol! I think for these guys they need to work themselves towards the final act, so to speak :D. Hubby is off to see Cape Canaveral with his friend from England today, so who knows, with the house to myself I might just get to that last scene today.

Would be nice to see it completed, as I've not quite felt like I've got much done lately. Which is odd - I finished FWB (which finally got through to EC with a little help, yay!), and I finished Accidentally Were? before that (tentatively a Early Nov release), and I'm working well at finishing RSCF ... but these were all stories I'd started earlier in the year and were bound and determined to finish. Maybe thats it, I've not really started anything new ... though I do have some plans afoot!

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Michelle Cary said...

I know that feeling of not getting anything accomplished. I tend to feel like that a lot. I also always feel like I'm behind with something either in RL or writing. I think thats just us being authors.