Thursday, September 27, 2007

A little something from a wip ...

I decided I liked Robbie, who's a side character in Accidentally Were. I also got a giggle out of Shaun, Pearl's younger, goth princess friend. Then, of course, I had this very mean thought that Shaun would bug the shit out of Robbie ... and a new story was born.

So a little bit from the first chapter ...

Robbie Diedrickson cursed the day his friend and Beta had found his mate.
Not because he was unhappy that Rex had found love and had a cub on the way, but because much-to-curious-for-her-gothic-shitkickers Shaun Engelstead was now his problem.
Little gothic riding hood, sitting on a gravestone absently knocking the heels of her red Doc Martins together like she was Dorothy wishing to go home, was giving him grey hairs -- and being just this side of forty, he didn’t need her assistance in that department.
Robbie snuck a look around the other side of the tree he was hidden behind, and looked to see if Jak was in position.
Jakov Pieter was a vampire; a real one, not one of the playing at it types with fake teeth he’d seen hanging with Shaun and the rest of her Goth friends. It hadn’t taken much convincing to get his old friend to help him out with his plan to scare his little gothic princess. Jak was always up for a good practical joke, and getting to act all Bela Lugosi was right up his alley.
It wasn’t that he was angry with her. Much. After all, if she hadn’t sent Pearl to Rex to find out about Pearl’s strange canine shaped love bites, they wouldn’t have found each other and the whole chain of ‘wonderful’ events that led to Rex mated and about to be a daddy wouldn’t have happened. But, and there was always a but when Shaun Engelstead was involved, now that she’d been proved right about Weres existing, she was determined to prove Vampires were real, too.
Wasn't it enough that every time he turned around Shaun he tripped over her -- she was like a kid with candy, and the Pack was her Pop Rocks. Pack meetings, she was there; a Pack party, yup you guessed it, she was there. He had a feeling she probably knew more about the minutiae of his pack than he did, and he was the god damned Alpha!
And that was why, at two am on a Friday morning, he wasn’t tangled up in the sheets with a date, but crouched behind a fucking pine tree waiting to put his ‘scare Shaun shitless and get her to stop poking her nose in’ plan into action.


Merry said...

I like this!
I get the sense that he's going to get a lot more than he bargained for with Shaun!

I haven't read any of your books yet, but if I can get a quiet moment online at home (rather than work where I am now) I shall be getting Tea For Three. (Time! I need time!)

julia said...

"She was like a kid with candy, and the Pack was her Pop Rocks."

Love it! I just found your comment over at my blog about the day planner. I'll email you my snail mail address as requested. Thanks so much!

julia said...

Hi - I just tried to email you through your profile page contact, but my new computer was asking me IT set-up questions and I ran shrieking down the street.

Here's my email address: