Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Minds out of the gutter people! Well, for a few moments anyway, you can head right back there in a second :)

I've not written a thing for three weeks. I'm not overly worried, but I do need to get back into the swing of things, so I thought I might do a little writing exercise and write a little blog serial that I'll post up on Mondays since I've been failing hopelessly at coming up with poetry for Rhian's Poetry Train.

I want to make it a little interactive, so here's where I need your help - you are going to help me fill in some of the story blanks.

So for the first installment here's what I need:

1. Heroine's name
2. Hero/es name
3. Their professions
4. The place they first meet
5. The bad guys/or a relationship hiccup

What I need you to do is use your imagination to give me the wildest, wackiest ideas for the questions above and on Monday I'll post the first installment and some more interactive questions for you that I will use in the next weeks storyline. I'll mix and match depending on what takes my fancy.

Make sense?

Leave your suggestions in the comments - use the usual no children/scat/killing (unless it's the bad guys) guidelines - but all else is fair game. Heck, I'll even try my hand at a little f/f action along the way if it proves interesting to the storyline.


Teddy Pig said...

1. Heroine's name
2. Hero/es name
3. Their professions
Decca is a Tour Guide
Bly is a Park Ranger
4. The place they first meet
Yosemite National Park
5. The bad guys/or a relationship hiccup
Decca is on the run from the Mexican Mafia and corrupt Park officials after stumbling upon a extremely large pot growing operation deep inside Yosemite National Park

Rachel.C said...

I've just been browsing your blog and even though I can't come up with names I think maybe you could use this. He's a delivery guy, she gets a package that was damaged making the contents obvious, you friend Doug is inside. Mmmm... she could be a sculpter who's too shy to get a real life model?

Anne Douglas said...

Yosemite National Park, huh? I'd have to research that, I haven't made it to that part of the USA yet. Must seriously get some travelling done before we ever decide to head back to NZ. I like the names though, Teddy. Ambiguous enough for either gender, or a gender bender even.

Now a storyline featuring Doug - Why'd I not think of that?

Keep em coming!

Stephanie said...

Heroine - Pen - nickname - professional Dog walker

Hero - J. J. - high-power coperate type-your discretion on specifics

They meet in the park where Pen is working walking a group of loyal clients-mostly small dogs. J.J. is already in a bad mood because his local stress-reliever is out-of-serivce and has to use the park trails to calm down with his night run instead of his gym because his wasclosed due to a rat infestation by the health dept.

The nemisis - Pedro Pen's toy terrier (or any other type of small dog here) Who insists on having last say as well as picking out who Pen dates and sleeps with. Gender makes no difference to him just so they him ... I mean his Pen right!

Okay I'm not sure this is something that might interest you but feel free to play with it as you will.

Celia Kyle said...

1. Caye - Administrative Asst.
2. Lewis - Shoe Salesman
3. Listed above
4. Paymore Shoe Store
5. Hiccup - Lewis has trouble being with a woman with smelly feet and Caye's feet stink! LOL

Shadowfox13 said...

Heh, was reading and thought I'd add my two...er...one cent? *lol*

1. Breen - Photographer

2. Arlen - Security work

3. Finley - Singer who dresses uniqely

4. Childhood friends, though Arlen and Finley are together - both love and are attracted to Breen who's so far had the worst luck in dating. She's considering artificial insemination because she wants a child (gee wonder how those two take it? *lol*)

5. Breen's Pagan and her family is very unsupportive and while the guys' families are much better, they're gonna be leery about poly relationships. Due to her upbringing, Breen's used to being independently single and finds it hard to trust on an intimate personal level. The guys wanna wrap her up in cotton and protect her from the world. As a freelance photographer, she's gone on some dangerous shoots.....

Hmmm....wonder if this is enough idea feeding? *lol* Yeah, I've tons of half baked thoughts in the back of my mind - hence the unfinished anime fanfic and such *lol*

Happy Halloween or Samhain to those who celebrate that instead. ^.~V