Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's taken me a while

But I started on my next story today. Yay! I swear, other than edits and the blog serial, I've not written a thing for over a month.

I think the break has given me a little time to regroup and figure out what comes next. So what's coming next (no pun intended)? I'm going to work on the 2nd part of Friends with Benefits, and if I stick to my vague synopsis, it's going to be H O T, hot and kinky out the wazoo - or should that be up the wazoo in this case? I'm not sure.


Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Little writing breaks here and there really help to rejuvenate me. I find I’m more readily creative and the words just flow when I come back to my manuscript. Good luck on your story, Anne!

Anne Douglas said...

Thanks Daisy!

The story's ticking along. I'm having to start and go a little at the moment as I sort out how I want my characters to react, I'm giving them some hefty things to consider.