Monday, October 29, 2007

Poetry Train - Blog Serial pt 2

Round two. Sorry it wasn't up earlier, but I had a lot on Sunday, and didn't have a chance to pen anything.

Trapped at the top of the ladder when the door buzzer went off, Lewis called out to the customer, “Just one second!” He slid the last of the shoeboxes into place on the shelf and made his way down the ladder, only to turn and come chest to chest with his latest customer - customers, he realized when he heard a feminine voice coo with rapture.
“Bly, look at these, aren’t these just gorgeous.”
Lewis looked up, knowing that background female voice all too well from his fantasies and looked into the eyes of his sexual nemesis, Bly Tanner - the other voice in his fantasies.
There was a slight crinkle around his lips, as if the man was trying not to laugh. “I’m sorry, I hadn’t realized you were up the ladder.”
Lewis didn’t believe a word. Bly Tanner would never be so unobservant. It was more likely Bly’d stood there purposefully, just to intimidate him. It pissed him off no end that it worked. There was something about him - both of them in fact - that intimidated Lewis.
“No problem at all … if you just give me a minute I’ll get rid of these boxes and come give you a hand.”
Bly took a small step back, so Lewis had barely enough room to move. “Take your time, Decca knows what she wants, but I’m sure she’ll find something else to fall in love with along the way.”
The words sounded simple, but Bly’s delivery left Lewis cursing his ineptitude when it came to reading people. Or maybe it was just reading these people.
He gathered up the empty boxes and made for the back room. As he walked, the back of his neck burned, and a sly glance to the mirror in the corner showed two gazes fixed firmly on his backside. Heat flashed across his cheeks and his pants got snug, and Lewis cursed his fair, ginger-haired complexion and trigger-happy cock. He’d give anything for the dark, rugged looks of Bly Tanner. But no, he was right off the page of an Archie comic - tall, gangly, and freckled.
Lewis kicked open the rear door and went to the dumpster, shoving the boxes in willy-nilly. Why do they always look at me like that? Jesus, it’s like they are touching me when they stare at me like that.
And that was half his problem. After one of their little forays into the store he felt like he’d just been stroked by a hundred hands, and he was good for nothing for the rest of the day - except to go home lay on the couch and stroke himself to a climax as he imagined Bly and Decca Tanner getting it on.
Worse was when he let it get the better of him, and he imagined he was there with them. How sick in the head did that make him? Like either of them would be interested in sexually conflicted geek like him. Besides it was obvious they only had eyes for each other. And Park Ranger extraordinaire Bly Tanner interested in men? yeah right - right after he let another man lay a hand on his wife; in other words, never.
When he came back into the store, Bly was just handing Decca a wicked red stiletto. Not only did he have brains, and looks, and according to his stepfather - Bly’s boss - a work ethic to be admired, he had taste. They were wrapped up in their own little world when he walked up to them, and Lewis blushed as he heard the tail end of their whispered conversation.
“…with the black lace?”
“No, baby, just you and those shoes.” Bly’s voice was rough and Decca wore a small, sexy, I’ve-got-a-secret smile on her face.
Decca saw him coming and her sexy smile changed recipients, so Lewis got a dose of her sex-me-up smile. Bly’s head turned and Lewis blushed. Bly’s hooded eyes and flushed face exuded sexual intent, and Lewis’ cock reacted to stimuli from both of them. He only hoped the pair of them didn’t look down.
“Did--” Lewis choked down the lump in his throat. “Did you find something you liked?”
“I think so.” But neither Bly nor Decca were paying much attention to the shoes.

Okay, I think I asked some questions too far ahead of time. So I'm going to ask some more immediate questions this time. (I'm holding on to all the previous ideas, and I'll be working toward them - the Decca finding money/arsonist/dead furries ideas are where we are heading ... eventually)

So for today:

Shall Bly and Decca pull a sneaky and pay their bill but leave the bag of shoes there so Lewis has to deliver them? (and therefore lead on to some sort of scene where B&D's attraction to L come s out?

Obviously Lewis knows Bly and Decca via his stepdad, but they don't know him, shall the connection be made thereby the connection needed to move the story so they can all be involved with the suspense scenario. Maybe lewis asks them if they are attending the BBQ his father has planned before the park opens for the spring season?(I'll take other suggestions, pretty please)

Should we have a foot fondling scene where Bly looks on?

What about a paranormal element? Bly's so damn good at his job because he's a Were-something.. (although this is a future element)


Rhian said...

oooh this is so freaking cool Anne! I've been behind on blog catchup because of work, move and freaking internet going out over and over until yesterday (fingers crossed). I'm gonna think this one over and come back and post before evening is over. I'll go back and read part 1 too before commenting.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

No paranormal, but I'm not sure about the rest. Why would they leave the shoes behind and not go get them? That doesn't make sense.

Anne Douglas said...

Purposefully leaving them behind so when they get him to bring the shoes to them they can have more contact with Lewis outside of work. aka setting a little trap for the shoe guy.

All comments welcome Rhian! PS if you see this, I need you to get in touch with me about that invoice.

julia said...

A foot fondling scene in the store would evolve very naturally. Then Bly could show Lewis he would be receptive to contact. I like Lewis's awkwardness (but he must be a hottie for those two to want him!)

Shadowfox13 said...

Hmm...well, since he'd need an addy, how about instead of the shoes, Bly 'pretends' to drop his wallet somewhere where Loewis finds it? Then he could bring it over?....or call first and be asked to bring it over? Heh but before that, a small tease of a foot fondling with a small hint of more? Then when he goes over....well *lol* I dunno, I'm really bad at this *lol*

Hm...paranormal? Well, I'm kind of the wrong one to ask because I happen to like Sci-fi/Fantasy. I guess the question is, would it really fit into this story? As much as I love the idea, I can't see it at this point, at least not without some kind of hint to it before revelation. Hm...all though if you do go that route, how bout instead of were-something, perhaps he gets more than clairvoyant flashes, more like whole entire scenes foward and backward in time? Just a thought *lol* Honestly, I don't see it fitting at the moment.

Heh, the BBQ mention idea though sounds good...maybe a sort of after Bly and Decca sort of have their way with him? *lol*

I can't wait to see what you do with this! It's like this shiny new toy to play with *hee* Please don't ever stop writing. ^.^V