Wednesday, December 05, 2007

EBook Readers...the Palm TX in particular

I have a palm tx question, I don't know if anyone can answer it for me.

I've a tungsten E (thinking of giving myself a xmas present of a T/X) and have been using adobe pdf for palm as I've always bought my books as pdf. But I was fishing around the palm site seeing what goodies there were for the tx and saw they have a separate ebook format/program. What actual format is this, and does this program read pdf's or only the ebooks from the palm bookstore?

Can anyone shed some light for me?

I was thinking of going to an ebookwise but I have hundred upon hundreds of pdf ebooks - no point using a machine I can't read them with, is there.

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Rita said...

That's probably ereader ( or mobipocket ( as they both allow drm.
I wouldn't recommend reading pdfs on a palm because most of them don't reflow and so you can't read them confortably on such a small screen (compared to the A4 format they were created for).
Another software you can try is PalmPDF (
which lets you use pdfs natively or Documents to Go from DataViz (not free).
I hope this will help you.