Sunday, December 09, 2007

I'm shagged...

It's been a hellacious week, and I've still got a ton of work to get done by Tuesday (my mother arrives from NZ Tues evening - need I say more on what needs to be done before then?). But I can say that I've managed to finally get Par 3 on paper, edited, and off to my editor at Loose Id.

If I was the praying sort, here's where I'd add in a "Thank you to God!", but I'm not, so I'm afraid you just get the plain old "thank god!"

We got the go ahead for the proposal on the 21st, and our editors needed ms urgently, as the first release is slated for the week of Valentines. I'd set myself a target of Dec 1st, but as you can see by the date stamp, it's the 9th -- I didn't do so well. But considering I'd hoped to have 2-3 months to write this particular story, I don't think I did too badly. Did I ever show y'all the little graphic I made to get an idea of how the titles would look? Here it is anyway:

Now on to the rest of my life - which includes the last edits on Red Skirt, Cool Fountain, that is set to release on Jan 15th. Seems that my (slightly extended) year started slow with Making Out in March, and Tea for Three in June, but is ending up with a bang with Accidentally Were? in Nov, Red Skirt in Jan, and Par 3 in Feb. Sorry to be crass, but roll on the royalty checks, baby -- or else I'm going to have to go get an EDJ...oh, the horror!

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Michelle Cary said...

Yay for finishing Par3 and good luck with all the rest of the stuff you have to do. My week to be busy will be next week...ack!