Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do you have an iPhone or iPod Touch?

If you do, you have in your hot little hands a perfectly good  eBook reader.

Head to the AppStore and download this nifty - and FREE - app called Stanza. Once it's installed here's what you do with it...


Yes, this is the 'something in the works with ARe' I mentioned in the last post.

Lori of ARe let me know a week or so ago that they'd chosen Accidentally Were? to use in their how to video for Stanza and the ARe bookshelf. I was totally floored! 

ARe offer some great opportunities to authors for free promo (along with some paid options, too), and are amazing in their continual support of the romance industry via eBooks.  If your an author you should look them up, and if your a reader you couldn't ask for a better site to find many, many romance titles!

So when you're out and about (or sitting in the car rider lane like I always seem to be) you now know just where you should go to download a book...or two or three :) (continue reading &aquo;)

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