Friday, October 16, 2009


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So it's no secret that 2009 has not been the booming, productive year I planned out way back in January.  I totally own up to it--there's no great reason other than I just didn't get myself together and let myself get bogged down with my involvement in EPICs eBook Competition. But,  I can now say 2009 wasn't a total failure as I've sold a novella - His Intimate Submission - to EC.

His Intimate Submission follows on from Curious Intimacies. Here's the blurb I sent in:

Months ago, on a wickedly hot Floridian night, three friends let loose and explored unexpected sides of their sexuality. It’d been good. So good they’d explored some more.

But lately, when it’s just her and Jason together doing everyday things, Jason’s shutting Lucy out. Oh, she’s not concerned Jason’s decided to bat for the other team fulltime—sex between the two of them is still as amazing as ever—but the rest of their relationship is strained. Jason’s searching, for what Lucy doesn’t know, but she's scared that illusive something means leaving her behind. It’s time for her to pull up her big girl panties and figure out what’s wrong before things go from bad to worse. And for her, worse would mean total heartbreak.

Lucy couldn’t have anticipated Jason’s response, though. He's not cheating and he's not about to leave her, but he needs something all right.  Something that involves overwhelming desires he fears to admit.

Lucy will have to take the upper hand and demand her lover’s intimate submission to set them back on the path to happiness


Jean said...

OMG! I'm not a stalker, nor do I wish to be your new best friend. No worries. But I'm moving to Jacksonville, as hubby has gotten transferred. Simply knowing you live in the area is giving me more confidence that Florida has positives going for it. Whew! Just Whew!

Anne D said...

It's different here, for this Kiwi girl, that's for sure. The Beaches (if you can) is definitely my preferred area of town :)

Any questions about the town, please feel free to ask. If I don't know the answer I probably know someone who does