Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas Ornament Contest

Position Vacant, my new Christmas themed novella is due out next week. Since it's all about Santa and the Elves, I am running a Christmas themed contest for everyone who is on my mailing list. Look to the side and you can see where you can join up, to join in.

On the 12th of Dec I will make a random drawing from the list for a variety of Santa / Elf themed tree ornaments (approx value $25). I might even be convinced to throw in a free copy of Position Vacant for the winner! I will get everything off via priority mail so it arrives in plenty of time for Christmas.

I'll add in a photo of the ornaments once I get the battery charged up for the camera. Murphys Law, when ever I want to use it, it's deader than a doornail :(

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