Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Chest hair...?

Yes? No?

Ladies, what are your opinions on the matter? Personally none of the men I have been that close to have had much in the chest hair department.

Coarse, wiry, soft, silky? How does it run through your fingers?


catt said...

i don't like it, they can have a little and be ok, but i usually am turned off by chest hair

Isabella Snow said...
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Isabella Snow said...

Ummm.. not a big fan of chest hair.

But LESS thrilled with a shaved chest. I don't want a man who thinks that much about his body. Work it out, wash it, make it smell nice - leave the rest to the women. ;)

(sorry, was me deleted earlier, made a horrible typo, lol!)

shayze said...

Definitely not a chest hair fan. A little is okay, but can't stand it when it looks like someone threw a bathmat on their chest! Uggh!

Jackie said...

I like a man who takes pride in his appearance, and go crazy for a smooth, muscled chest