Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Having you been keeping up with Kissmas?

Loose Id has been running a twelve days of Kissmas promotion that you can catch up on at my main website

There are lots of goodies, like discounts on LGBT and Polyamorous romances (If you wanted a discount on a copy of Persuading Jo, here you go!), and you get a link for free amorous art by some of the great LI cover artists!

Print books are on sale as well, along with a discounted rate for next years VIP Club. If you purchase a lot of ebooks, and a number of them from LI, this is well worth it! I can save 25-50c/book!

LI also have some short story stocking stuffers for you from some wonderful LI authors. And if you join the IdBits newsletter you can also get a daily Kiss from Loowis!

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Isabella Snow said...

ooh.. free smutty art?? ooohh...